CIU Introduces Five New Academic Programs

April 10, 2013

Students enrolling at Columbia International University now have five new academic programs to choose from. Four of the programs are available to undergraduate students and a new master’s program is being offered to students enrolled in CIU Seminary & School of Ministry.   

The Digital Media & Cinema major prepares students to develop films, videos and documentaries. Students will visit New York City and the major broadcast studios for an inside look into video production and editing, and a behind-the-scenes tour of a major Broadway play. Digital Media & Cinema is also available as a minor.

The Media Arts major prepares students for careers in graphic design, digital photography, Web design and development, video production, and writing. 

The English major focuses on intellectual development through reading, writing, and critical thinking, as it prepares students for effective use of the written word in a variety of careers. It also lays the groundwork for graduate studies, particularly in English language and literature.

The Church Ministry major provides students with specialized knowledge and skills to serve effectively as a staff member in a local church. Areas of concentration include Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship Ministry and Children’s Ministry. The Church Ministry program is also available as a minor.

The Youth Ministry Leadership master’s degree is designed to help graduates address current trends in adolescent culture and develop the leadership skills needed to plan and implement effective strategies for youth and family ministry. Students have the option of pursuing a specialized Master of Arts in Youth Ministry Leadership, or they may choose the same concentration as part of the more comprehensive Master of Divinity degree.