A CIU Memory on a Christmas Ornament

November 28, 2012

The historic Robert Mills House in downtown Columbia is featured on the official 2012 city of Columbia Christmas ornament. Columbia International University, then called Columbia Bible College, was housed in the Mills House from the late 1930s until 1960. Robert Mills, an architect who is most famously known for designing the Washington Monument, built the house in the 1820s as a private residence for a local family who never lived in it.   

The Columbia Christmas ornament is 24-karat gold and is the 20th in a collectors’ series. Sales benefit The Babcock Center Foundation, a non-profit organization that serves individuals with lifelong disabilities in the Columbia area. Learn more about the ornament at:   


For more on the Robert Mills House visit: http://historiccolumbia.org/site/visit/houses/robert-mills-house-and-gardens/overview/index .