CIU President Bill Jones Celebrates the Birth of a Nation

July 12, 2011

Dr. Bill Jones, the president of Columbia International University was in Africa on July 9 to celebrate the birth of a nation - the Republic of South Sudan. 

The country was carved out of a 2005 peace deal between the Muslims to the north who govern Sudan, and the Christians who occupy the south.  It ended a 50-year civil war that cost more than two million lives, tore families apart and made refugees of hundreds of thousands of people. 

But Jones, who was on a missions trip to Sudan with the ministry “With Open Eyes,” says he was heartened when the new government encouraged everyone to attend church and give God thanksgiving and praise before the celebrations began.

“Is that not the way to start a new country?” Jones asked.

Jones made his comments in an interview on the Eric & Erica Morning Show heard on CIU’s radio stations 89.7 WMHK in Columbia and New Life 91.9 in Charlotte, N.C.  Hear the complete interview by clicking below.