CIU Professor Challenges Haitians to Impact the Nations

June 04, 2018

The largest evangelical seminary in Haiti recently welcomed Columbia International University Professor Dr. Raphael Anzenberger to teach a class on Biblical Theology of Missions.

Anzenberger’s visit was at the invitation of the Seminaire de Theologie Evangelique de Port au Prince (STEP). Since 1942, STEP has been engaged in training Haitian Christian leaders so that they are effective in their ministry and become, by their good example, agents of transformation of their communities. Their mission is to Prepare Haitian Leaders to make disciples of Christ to transform their communities to the glory of God.

The class surveyed both Old Testament and New Testament patterns for missio-Dei and reflected on current practice of missions in a land that is regularly overflowing with short-term missionaries and NGO workers. Anzenberger says the challenge was to help the Haitian students envision reverse missions. Namely, how to move from being recipients of missions to actually being involved in global missions.

“It was an eye-opening experience for many students who, for the first time, realized that Haiti was not only welcomed at the table of global missions but also deeply missed.” Anzenberger said. “Haitians are known for their fortitude and resilience in the midst of suffering. They realized that they could contribute in a unique way to missions through global partnerships.”

Anzenberger encouraged the students to begin to reach the nations by engaging the various people groups already living among them who work for the United Nations, and to pray for the conversion of the Haitian political leadership.

Anzenberger was particularly impressed with the quality of the students.

“They engaged fully with the class material and offered deep cultural insights on their current situation,” Anzenberger said.

The class is the only missions exposure in the students’ bachelor’s degree curriculum. But Anzenberger reports that already some are considering a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at CIU.

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