CIU’s Got Talent:Acousta 2015

March 30, 2015

By Brittany Bradley

CIU Student Writer

AcoustaRockaRappaPaloozaStockfest 2015 — a title so grand so as to be rivaled only by the incredible talent of the 28 students who, on March 28, graced Shortess Chapel with their riveting performances. The annual event is hosted by the Student Union, a student-led organization that plans campus events.

Before the show even began, the hosts and hostesses made grand entrances: Lexi Woodward knocked out Steven McCain in a comical boxing match, Katy Perry and Emily Regan swaggered in with camel puppets, and secret agents Jacob Moore and Shane Sieweke greeted the crowd with water guns.

“[It] was such a fun event to take part in. I’ve been going since I was a freshman and having the opportunity to host with Steven McCain was a perfect way to end our senior year” Woodward said. “This will always be my favorite student union event.”

Some students performed original pieces, like vocalist/guitarist Alyssa Stewart, accompanied by Kinsey Philips on the dulcimer. Others performed comedy acts, including Abbie Montgomery, who impersonated YouTube sensation “Miranda Sings” in a humorous monologue.

“I thought it was a wonderful and well put together show with great acts,” junior Allie Wynn said. “I most enjoyed Abbie Montgomery’s ‘Miranda Sings.’”

A day in the life of Mini Mitch Gebel had the audience rolling with a humorous performance. Caleb Hamilton displayed his mad skills with “Mad Libs Piano,” where he used audience participation to create a preposterous musical story, and Timothy Wolfe and Jacob Calder offered theatrical talent with a Shakespearean interpretation of a football game.

“For me, personally, it was so gratifying to perform after all my hard work and hear the audience respond,” Wolfe said.

Performers were introduced in a variety of fun ways ranging from knock knock jokes to impromptu animal sound effects. Some performers were even asked to share other hidden talents. Jonathan Shuffler blew the audience away with his freestyle rapping skills, followed by an original piano piece that brought shouts of approval and applause.

Nik Ellison shared “a few brief terrors” during a bit called “Scary Storytime,” one of the most unusual acts of the evening. The anticipation was evident as the audience hung on his every word for this equally humorous and terrifying performance.

The last act of the night was a fun medley titled “Power of Love” featuring familiar love songs performed by “The Number Fours,” a band composed of six male students.

“Union really did an exemplary job putting on a great show for the CIU community to enjoy all these talented students” Wolfe said.