CIU Students “Occupy Fleece”

January 17, 2012

You’ve heard of “Occupy Wall Street.”  But you’ve probably never heard of “Occupy Fleece.” 

It was more of a party, than a protest. 

On Jan. 17, the G. Allen Fleece Library at Columbia International University opened for the first time since a devastating fire in May 2010 closed the library for repairs and renovations.  CIU students celebrated the opening with “Occupy Fleece.”  Students camped out overnight in tents in a quad area outside the library and woke up to a celebration featuring music and an outdoor breakfast.  At 7:30 the library officially opened with the blowing of a shofar, a ram’s horn used in ancient times to signal a celebration.  The CIU mascot is the Ram.   

Columbia TV station WIS was on hand and broadcast from "Occupy Fleece" periodically during its morning show from 5 to 7 a.m.  Read their report here:   

Check out photos from "Occupy Fleece" and the opening of the library on Flickr:  

The library is named in honor of the second president of CIU, G. Allen Fleece.  It first opened in 1968.     

The dedication of the renovated library is scheduled for Jan. 24 at 11:30 a.m. and will include members of the Fleece family.