CIU Students have a “Ball” at Disney Extravaganza

May 06, 2013

By Melissa McCutchan

CIU Student Writer

As far as we know, Cinderella got home before midnight and was in class on Monday. So was Goofy and every other Disney character that ventured off campus for a Friday night of fun at the Disney Extravaganza held at St. Andrews Evangelical Church.

CIU students and faculty members donned their most creative attire for the May 3 event sponsored by the Student Senate.

Senate Vice President Tim Caiello said the goal was for students to “chill” and “unwind a bit” before finals. 

“I’ve never seen the student body go so all-out to dress up for an event before,” Caiello said.

It was clear that a number of the CIU students spent time preparing their costumes. From a group dressed as Robin Hood and his band of merry men, to couples dressed as princes and princesses, the costumes were as diverse as the Disney film collection.

The church fellowship hall was turned into a wonderland of sorts, with a lighted dance floor and tables decorated with objects from Disney movies.

“I was really impressed with all the preparation that had gone into each table, making it unique to the particular Disney movie,” freshman Anni Jackson said.

The night’s activities included karaoke, dancing to Disney songs and competing in trivia games. Check out photos from the Disney Extravaganza at CIU's Flickr page: