CIU students loving their neighbors with clean-up effort

CIU students take part in Monticello Road clean up.
September 10, 2018

Columbia International University students got up a little early on a Saturday morning recently and joined hands with community members as they worked to beautify the Monticello Road corridor leading to campus.

The students, along with some faculty and staff, partnered with members of Temple Zion Baptist Church and other local residents picking up litter on Monticello Road and adjacent streets. Temple Zion Baptist Church is located exactly one mile from campus on Heyward Brockington Road.

Temple Zion Pastor Andre Melvin reports a total of 86 people came out for the event filling 74 trash bags.

Melvin, who is also the director of the CIU Prison Initiative, has been working with CIU President Dr. Mark Smith in efforts to revive the neighborhood from Interstate 20 to the CIU campus. Read more about the exciting improvements along Monticello Road here.

CIU is also experiencing dramatic growth in enrollment as on-campus renovations continue. Become a part of the excitement. Go here for enrollment information.