CIU Students Read Through the Bible – Aloud

October 23, 2013

By Melissa McCutchan

CIU Student Writer

CIU students, faculty, and staff gathered around a navy blue tent from 8 a.m. to midnight each day the week of Oct.21. They had a clear goal in mind: to take turns reading God’s Word aloud, from Genesis to Revelation, in three days. 

CIU took time to emphasize one of its core values: the Authority of Scripture. Chapel speakers addressed the topic, and the Scripture reading tent was set up to get the CIU body deep into God’s Word.

Rachel Weaver, a student in the CIU Seminary & School of Ministry organized the Scripture reading tent as a way for the CIU community to fellowship around God’s Word. Students signed up for a 15-minute time slot, where they read until someone else came to take their turn.

“I love getting to read the Bible like this because of the community that forms around it,” Weaver said. “People are really excited about it. I've had so many tell me they have been encouraged by it.”

This is the third time the CIU body has read through the Bible as part of its emphasis on the authority of Scripture.

“It's a really cool experience to read the Word of God out loud in a public place, where those around [you] can just jump in and be encouraged,” senior Zac Seymour said.

The journey that started with Genesis on Tuesday, ended with Revelation on Thursday night.

“At first I was just reading, but as I got into the passage God started to speak to me through it, and I was really encouraged,” junior Sarah Bateman said. “I love to see students coming together with a goal [in mind].”