CIU Talent on Display at Shofar Cup Competition

March 28, 2017

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer 

Ever since Columbia International University introduced its new House Collective system in August, students have embraced the idea, competing in friendly rivalries throughout the year as they earn points for their house. At the end of the school year, one house will win the coveted House Cup. So, the stakes were high when a series of house competitions called the Shofar Cup took place the week of March 20.

Students had the opportunity, even if they were not one of the event participants, to watch and cheer on their house.

“I believe that fellowship is the core of CIU's community,” said sophomore Vlad Hruntkovskyi. “Besides being one of the best weeks of the school year, the Shofar Cup became one of the most effective instruments in bringing our campus closer to each other.”

The main events of the week consisted of a trivia bowl, a cook-off, an art/poetry showcase, and dodgeball tournament.

“The Shofar Cup was an incredible experience that allowed the whole student body to connect,” said sophomore Christian Kah. “Each event allowed people with different talents to come forward and show up for their house.”

The final event of the Shofar Cup was the annual highly-anticipated AcoustaRockaRappaPaloozaStockfest, or Acousta for short – a large-scale talent show.        

Acousta climaxed with the announcement of the winner of the Shofar Cup: The House of Virtus, a men’s residence hall. Their trophy is shaped like a golden shofar. 

The Cup was not only fun for students, but also for the Residence Life team who put it together.

“I loved watching so many different types of students come out and use their talents,” said Director of Residence life David Blanchard. “When each individual has a chance to contribute like that, it gets the whole house engaged, pushes them to rely on one another, and builds a real sense of camaraderie.” 

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