CIU Week at America’s Keswick Features Sue Thomas FBEye

August 12, 2010

Columbia International University renewed its historic relationship with America's Keswick over the summer during CIU Week at the Keswick Conference Center in Whiting, N.J.

America's Keswick is a multi-generational, cross-cultural ministry that features biblical teaching on Victorious Christian Living that leads to deeper personal relationships with Jesus Christ and transformed lives. The Victorious Christian Life movement began in Keswick, England in the early 1900s. An early proponent of the movement in the United States was CIU's first president, R.C. McQuilkin. Victorious Christian Living is a core value of CIU.

McQuilkin's son, CIU President Emeritus Robertson McQuilkin, and CIU's current president Dr. Bill Jones, were the featured teachers during CIU Week. They taught morning and evening sessions on "Going Deeper" into the study of God's word. Also, several CIU alumni shared what God is doing in their ministries.

One alumnus in particular was excited about reconnecting with CIU. Sue Thomas, who was the inspiration for the highly successful TV series, "Sue Thomas FBEye," gave her testimony during an afternoon gathering with the conference attendees. The television series is based on Thomas' experience working with the FBI as a lip reader. Sue has been deaf since the age of 18 months. She talked about coming to CIU to get her degree in "EL" - "eternal life." She met with Robertson McQuilkin who was president of CIU when she was a student, and personally thanked him for his support for her during a trying period in her life.

The CIU staff who attended the conference observed the irony that one of the school's most vocal supporters is deaf.

To find out more about what Sue Thomas is doing today you can go to her Web site If you are not familiar with the TV series based on her life visit