Community and Competition: The First Annual House Throwdown

September 12, 2016

By Janai Tedder

Columbia International University’s Residence Life Office kicked off its new “House Collective” concept by hosting the first annual House Throwdown.

Under the House Collective, freshmen live with upperclassmen in a “house” associated with CIU’s six residence halls. Each house is named for a virtue, and has its own crest and Bible verse associated with its virtue. The virtues, in Latin, are: Fidelitas, Dignitas and Veritas for the women; Virtus, Justitia, and Sapientia for the men. It’s hoped that traditions will develop at each house that will be honored by future students.

At the Sept. 9 Throwdown, CIU students gathered to represent their Houses and share in fellowship, competition, and intercession.

The night began with food, music and games on The Quad in front of the library, then transitioned indoors to Hoke Auditorium, beginning the Throwdown. Each house anxiously awaited their opportunity to introduce themselves and win the title of champion by performing a prepared choreographed dance. From Disney songs to bagpipes, war paint to bright red lipstick, students exhibited their creativity as they strove to win first place. Ultimately, the House of Dignitas won the title with their Disney princesses meet CIU routine.  

Eryn Marburger, a junior and RA in the House of Dignitas, was excited about the win after two weeks of rehearsals.   

“We always said if we lost we were going to make sure we lost with dignity to stay true to our house name,” Marburger said. “I’m so happy that our hard work paid off.”

Kyle Jones, vice president of student activities and resident in the House of Justitia, said the house presentations were his favorite part of the night.

“It was a ton of fun to watch everyone’s performances and see what they all came up with,” Jones said. “Even though we lost, we still had a great time.”

After competing against one another, the student body moved on to a time of worship and prayer at the The Pointe, CIU’s scenic overlook above the Broad River. Tyler Tong, president of student government, reminded everyone that CIU strives to be a light in the community. After a time of prayer, the students lit Chinese lanterns symbolizing their light, and released them into the night sky.  

See video of the House Throwdown on CIU's Facebook.