At the Core of CIU: Christian Life Conference

September 19, 2011

By Abbey Le Roy

CIU Student Writer

One of Columbia International University’s five core values is the Victorious Christian Life – “the dynamic of the Holy Spirit to make us like Christ in daily living.”  Each year special attention is paid to the Victorious Christian Living in a week-long chapel series called the Christian Life Conference.

Dr. Steve Bateman, senior pastor of First Bible Church in Decatur, Ala., was this year’s speaker.  Bateman, a 1983 CIU graduate, delivered five keynote messages.

“My prayer,” he said, opening the conference, “is that at the end of this week we are all more like Jesus than we are right now.”

After defining the Christian life in the first session, Bateman used the remaining four messages to illustrate the competency, character, suffering, and endurance of Jesus – qualities believers are to cultivate if they are to effectively emulate Christ.

Developing these characteristics by the grace of God will, explained Bateman, give believers “enormous credibility” in a world that is increasingly hostile to the gospel.

Bateman’s series was well received by the student body.  Applause broke out as he left the stage following his final message.

In a closing time of commitment, CIU president Dr. Bill Jones told students, “Pastor Steve is an example of what I hope you all become.”

Messages from the Christian Life Conference can be heard here: