Defining Evangelical Unity

April 04, 2017

CIU focuses on core value

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Evangelical Unity, one of Columbia International University's five core values, was explored by the CIU family in March in a series of Chapel messages. The featured speakers were professors from Columbia Biblical Seminary at CIU who spoke on various topics on Christian unity and working together for the glory of God.

“I felt that this week has helped me understand what it means to be an evangelical Christian, and how I can relate to those who are not evangelical Christians,” said junior Max Harding.

The week began with Dr. David Croteau outlining the characteristics that make up evangelical unity. He then went on to detail which are necessary for unity, and which are secondary issues. Croteau stressed that while one’s conclusions about Christianity are important, it also matters how those conclusions are reached.

Dr. Markus Klausli introduced the new perspective on the Apostle Paul, an important topic among scholars, and how works fit into faith. He elaborated on some of the passages of Scripture in which Paul discusses salvation by faith, and he also dove into passages about doing works.

Dr. Brian Gault discussed some of the nuances regarding prosperity theology. He looked at exactly what it is, why someone would follow its teachings, and what it means to the Christian community.

“I really enjoyed the Chapels taking a look at new theologies that have popped up in recent years,” said freshman Dane Clark, “especially the prosperity gospel the new perspective on (the Apostle) Paul.”

The week wrapped up with the three professors joined by fellow seminary professor Dr. Ben Noonan, as they took questions from students in a panel dialogue. Among the topics were how Christianity must be understood to be saved, what affect music has on theology, and proper interpretations of some difficult biblical passages.

“I enjoyed hearing from some of the seminary faculty who we don't always get to interact with as undergrads,” said junior Rachel Hust. “The panel discussion was my favorite part, hearing them approach complex topics and questions with both well thought out responses and humor.”

Evangelical Unity Week messages are available to you by listening to the CIU podcasts.

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