Exploring God's Global Story

March 01, 2016

CIU Celebrates World Christian Week

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Columbia International University students were invited to become a part of God’s mission around the world at February’s annual World Christian Week at CIU. The week, which was organized by students, included Chapel messages, activities, and a special prayer day, challenging students to become a part of what God is doing all over the world.

“I've always had a great experience during World Christian Week because of the opportunity for the campus to come together,” said graduate student Timothy Wolff. “[We] represent one cause: to reach all nations.”

Bringing the Chapel messages were the husband and wife team of Clyde and Shirin Taber of The Visual Story Network whose messages centered on each believer’s story in relation to God's mission. To emphasize unity among the student body, the Chapels also featured songs from various cultures, and Bible readings in different languages.

“God's love is immeasurable,” said freshman Timothy Basuulwa, from Uganda. “It goes beyond human knowledge to bring nations together, to worship and honor him.”

Evening activities offered an opportunity for students to get to know mission agency representatives who came to campus for the week.

“I appreciate the missionary reps who gave up their time to interact with us and share their passion for missions,” said sophomore Mark Gossage. “They care about the students they talked with, making them people I respect and admire.”

There was also a film festival featuring short movies showcasing what missions work is all about.

“The film festival was a great opportunity for students to learn more about how Christians can utilize the media in order to help missionaries promote their missions and plant gospel seeds,” said freshman Natalie Slone.

During the day, the campus hosted an organization fair, where the students visited the mission agency representatives to learn more about their missions work in-depth.

“I hope (the students) picked up the vibe that we as missions mobilizers feel our organizations are all working together to advance the Kingdom,” said Arthur Lightbody, a representative of Wycliffe, and a CIU alumnus.

World Christian Week ended with a Prayer Day during which all students, faculty, and missions agency representatives visited prayer stations manned by CIU students, each focusing on a geographical location or people group

“I'm encouraged to see people sitting down and taking the time to pray,” said sophomore Rachel Joung. “I'm glad I decided to run a prayer station, because I got to see people's passion in prayer.”

There were many prayers lifted during the week, for both the missionaries of the world, and those to whom they are ministering. By becoming involved in God's mission, the family of CIU was able to see what God is doing all over the world through the lives of these missionaries, and what he'll continue to do in the days to come through them.  

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