Fun in the Snow!

January 30, 2014

By Melissa McCutchan

CIU Student Writer

As a moderate snowfall blanketed the campus of Columbia International University on Jan. 28, students donned their heaviest clothing and raced to the snow-covered field in front of G. Allen Fleece Library.  A campus-wide snowball fight was about to begin.

Excitement was high as students launched snowballs at their friends, only to be hit with a few in return. 

“[Tuesday] night, about 50 or so students were gathered outside of the library just having fun and getting to spend time with each other,” senior David Craft said.  “Those kind of sporadic events are less common for upperclassmen, so it was enjoyable getting to watch our community have a different sort of fellowship.

With classes canceled on Wednesday, students took to the snow. 

“My favorite thing about the snow was being able to go sledding,” sophomore Sydney Rivers of Aiken, S.C. said. “I’ve never done that before, and it was a blast!”

Since snow isn’t a regular occurrence at CIU, this fun required some creativity.  Sleds were in short supply, but boxes, cafeteria trays, and even suitcases proved to be a good substitute.

“I think sledding was my favorite,” freshman Anna Knight said. “We didn't have actual real sleds, so it was fun to see all of the creative things people came up with, from cardboard boxes to old cafeteria trays.”

As some students crashed down hills in their makeshift sleds, others chose to assemble a snowman or toss a Frisbee. Despite the below-freezing temperatures, almost everyone found some way to have fun outside. 

“It was fun to see everyone enjoying God's creation, especially those who don't see snow often,” Knight said. “The fact that this snow was so unexpected made it more fun.  It was like a special treat.”

Students returned to the residence halls on Wednesday afternoon with wet clothes, frozen fingers, and huge smiles.

“With any sort of snowfall, regardless of how little, there will always be a few snowball fights, wrestling matches, and sledding adventures,” Craft said. “But the best part was how it brought people together.”

Check out the fun in the snow on CIU Flickr page: