On Gender and Sexuality

April 23, 2014

By Melissa McCutchan

CIU Student Writer

Four highly respected Columbia International University professors took to the Chapel stage to address a sensitive topic in today’s culture: gender and sexuality. The panel discussion was hosted by the Exchange, a student organization for those interested in the humanities and the fine arts. 

Ahead of the Chapel, The Exchange invited students to submit their questions regarding gender and sexuality. The questions were answered by Theology professors Michael Naylor and Michael Galdamez, Psychology professor Carrie Caudill, and Music professor Rod Lewis — in a panel discussion moderated by Exchange president Frank Brazell. 

The questions covered a variety of issues from gender differences in the church to the biblical nature of marriage.

“Roles and responsibilities differ in the context of marriage, but there is a high calling for both [husband and wife] to live out their faith, to love and submit to one another,” Naylor said.

Questions also addressed the issue of homosexuality: how are Christians to lovingly confront this issue, since it changes the biblical institution of marriage?

“Here’s this institution God has given us for the good of society, and it’s breaking down,” Galdamez said.  “What should we be doing about it as Christians? We have to speak about it, and we can’t be silent.”

The panel also addressed the need for the church to lovingly speak truth into this area. 

“We [Christians] tend to pretend sexuality doesn’t exist until we get married,” Lewis said.  “Then, when we do get married, we don’t know how to live in our sexuality, because we’ve never been allowed to talk about it.”

Though the panel discussion covered a variety of topics, a common theme was woven throughout: love. The panelists agree that in all things, Christians are called to address these issues in love. 

“The human individual is more than the issue of gender and sexuality,” Naylor said.  “We need to love them.  It takes time, it takes an investment, but we need to love.”