“Getting a Surge of Adrenalin” – Author/Pastor Recalls First Days at CIU

October 11, 2016

Robert J. Morgan says that on the first night in his Columbia International University dormitory, “my roommate challenged me and got in my face about really committing my life to the cause of Christ.” He says it was “as though the Lord switched on a surge of adrenaline that is still going today.”

It was a turning point in Morgan’s life that would lead to a lifetime of ministry as a pastor and author. Morgan has been the pastor for The Donaldson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee for 36 years and has more than 35 books in print with more than four million copies in circulation in multiple languages.  

Morgan was interviewed recently by the Johnson City Press newspaper in Northeast Tennessee where he grew up. Read more about him in the article, “Meet Your Neighbor: Morgan still considers Northeast Tennessee his home.”