Good Health Contributes to Academic Success at CIU

March 01, 2018

The Columbia International University student body is being reminded to take care of their individual bodies.

At a spring midterm health fair in February, the social, spiritual, physical and mental elements of good health were addressed in a fun and engaging way. Exhibits in the Student Center included free vision screening, therapy dogs, exercise bikes, a mental health and stress test, and free health food samples.

“This event is successful if students leave with one new idea or reinforcement of an idea that can contribute to health,” said organizer Lisa Lanpher, director of CIU’s Academic Success Center.

Students snuggled up to the therapy dogs, presented flowers to each other for social health, sampled smoothies, and pedaled on the exercise bikes.

“In the midst of midterms and feeling the stress of life, having a dog to pet and a flower to hold really helps remind me that everything’s going to be all right,” sophomore Ireland Kost said.

CIU's Moore Fitness Center is always available for students wanting to keep their body as sharp as their minds. 

CIU is interested in your health and academic success. Information on CIU programs and enrollment is available here or call (800) 777-2227, ext. 5024. CIU is experiencing growth in enrollment and has announced $25 million in expansion plans for the campus. CIU is accredited by SACS-COC