Helping to Pay for Healthcare

March 16, 2015

Even if you have health insurance it doesn’t always pay for everything, especially expensive chronic illnesses. And then there are those premiums and copayments. What if you can’t afford those? 

CIU alumnus Dr. Dana A. Kuhn understands those problems. That’s why in 1989, he founded the national nonprofit Patient Services Inc. (PSI) headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Their mission is to support “people with expensive chronic illnesses and conditions through locating solutions with health insurance and assisting with premiums and prescription copayments to facilitate positive health and well-being.”

Kuhn, who graduated from CIU in 1976, says since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, there is even higher demand for PSI’s services because “even with a policy available and with a subsidy, the costs are still unaffordable for the populations we help with expensive chronic illnesses.”

Check out the profile of Dr. Dana A. Kuhn who serves as PSI’s president, in this article published in the Richmond Free Press newspaper: