“Her love for Jesus was inspiring” – Liz Curtis Higgs ministers to CIU women

October 04, 2018

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

Not everyone would introduce themselves as “65, super-sized, silver-haired and a Jesus girl.”

But not everyone can connect with women in the warm, personal humor style of Liz Curtis Higgs.

Higgs, the author of 36 books and a national women’s speaker, visited Columbia International University in October as part of her “Endless Hope” tour. The event, hosted by Debbie Smith, wife of CIU President Mark Smith, drew about 400 sisters, mothers, and daughters to Shortess Chapel to bask in the truth of God’s word, delight in worshipping a personal and intimate God, and laugh as Higgs used humor to enliven Bible characters and truths that are relevant to women today.

“Her humor was delightful, her love for Jesus was inspiring, and her wisdom and knowledge of the word was so encouraging,” said CIU freshman Katelyn Nichols. “I left with a renewed sense of who I am in Christ and a desire to pursue Him more.”

The husband and wife team of Austin and Lindsay Adamec led in musical worship several times during the course of the evening. “We want to have Christ be the center of our lives,” Lindsay said.

“My Favorite part of the evening was watching a chapel full of ladies, both young and old, raising their hands and singing about the hope that is found in Christ,” Freshman Katherine Mayberry said. “That hope was evident on every face as Liz Curtis Higgs led us through the word, laughing and smiling all the way, filled with the obvious, contagious, joy of the Lord.” 

Higgs’ enthusiasm for the Bible came through as she savored New Testament Bible passages saying, “Each phrase is delicious,” drawing laughter from the audience.

As she spoke about Mary and Martha, the raising of Lazarus, and Mary pouring costly perfume on Jesus’ feet, the audience figuratively breathed the sweet aroma of the spikenard, gasped in awe as Jesus denied the death of Lazarus, and fell silent as Mary also was silent before the feet of Jesus.

Higgs pointed out, “Jesus said, ‘I am.’ Martha said, ‘You are.’” She encouraged each woman to recognize Jesus and the hope that he offers.

“My favorite statement was when (Liz) said, “Mary is feasting on his word that lasts,” said CIU Dean of Women Donna Thompson. “She reminded us that each of us is loved by God individually and personally.”

Higgs was authentic and honest as she shared her battle with cancer and other struggles. But all this has assured her that Scripture truly is “an anchor for the soul” as Hebrews 6:19 says.

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