I Love CIU Day

March 06, 2018

While the students were away on spring break, the Columbia International University faculty and staff did a little spring cleaning on “I Love CIU Day” – a day of cleaning and camaraderie.

The day began with a devotional from CIU’s CFO Rob Hartman and the story of the paralytic who was let down through the roof of a crowded house to gain access to Jesus so he could be healed. Hartman described how the house likely got very dusty and dirty as the roof was broken through and made the point that ministry is sometimes messy.

To the sounds of the old Walt Disney song “Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to work we go,” the faculty and staff were dismissed into teams assigned to specific tasks or cleaning specific buildings.

Team leaders designed plans of attack to complete their the assignments and by mid-afternoon everything from the straightening of the portraits of the CIU presidents in the Administration Building to the cleaning of the backboards in the Moore Fitness Center gym were complete.

New acquaintances were also made on I Love CIU Day as the teams included faculty and staff members from various departments. They shared a lunch featuring South Carolina Lowcountry favorites served from the food truck of Pawley’s Front Porch, a popular local restaurant.   

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