The Influence of a Martyr

August 30, 2013

CIU Alumna Recounts the Impact of Richard Wurmbrand on her Life

At a Columbia International University Chapel in 1994, freshman Ioana Achim introduced Richard Wurmbrand and his wife to the student body. Achim, who is from Romania, was no doubt the best person on campus for such an introduction. Wurmbrand, well-known for being persecuted by the Communist government of Romania from the late 1940s into the 1960s, had a deep impact the lives of Achim’s parents.

Wurmbrand would go on to found the ministry Voice of the Martyrs, and in a recent post at the Voice of the Martyrs blog, Achim details Wurmbrand’s influence on her parents. Read the article, “A Country Boy, A City Girl and a Prison Convict” at: