Kim Abbott: A Legacy for CIU Athletics

February 06, 2017

By Jenai Tedder

CIU Student Writer 

The legacy of CIU’s first athletics director, Kim Abbott, was honored by students, faculty and staff during men’s and women’s basketball games at the Moore Fitness Center on Feb. 2.

Abbott laid the foundation for CIU athletics when she came on staff in 2010, and built the program to be competitive in men and women’s soccer, basketball, cross country and track, always desiring that CIU athletics be used as a witness for the gospel. In December 2016, Abbott stepped down as A.D. to care for her aging parents in Oklahoma.

To honor Abbott, the athletics staff dedicated the basketball games to her. Plus, there were other fun events. The first 100 people to arrive got a free donut from Abbott’s favorite shop – Dunkin’ Donuts. During halftime of each game, center court was turned into a putting green, as fans vied for prizes in a putting competition, commemorating Abbott’s past as a women’s championship golfer and her years as a golf coach at the University of South Carolina.

Between the women’s and men’s basketball games, CIU’s athletes and athletics staff, gathered at center court to present Abbott with a quilt made of CIU athletics t-shirts. She was also presented with a photo of the athletics staff and teams.

“CIU is my family,” Abbott said. “I feel like I’ve been on a journey and now have come home. I will always follow your seasons and be a part of this family.”

“I so appreciate what everyone did for her tonight,” said David Abbott, Kim’s husband. “This is really special and I know it means a lot to her.”

Meanwhile, the women’s basketball team maintained a steady lead in their game against Trinity Baptist and won 86-64.

“I’m so thankful for everything Coach Abbott has done for our program,” senior forward Ciara Boggs said. “It was really special to play for her tonight.”

The men’s team battled Johnson and Wales University in a close game that ended 72-70 with a last second, game winning shot by senior JC Cavin.

“It was such a great night,” Cavin said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without everything Coach Abbott has done for our program.”

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