Meet the Master of Coffee

January 23, 2018

By Bob Holmes

Beach Loveland calls it an important part of his lifelong pursuit of being the best he can be at roasting coffee. Perhaps we should call him, “Master Beach.”

The Columbia International University alumnus is one of only 97 people in the world who, as of 2017, had earned the certification of “Roast Master” by the Specialty Coffee Association and the only person in the Columbia, South Carolina area with the designation.

“It feels good to accomplish something like that,” said Loveland, who earned his bachelor’s degree from CIU in 2009. “I had to do a lot of studying again. It was like undergrad again. I really had to know the material.”

Loveland is owner of Loveland Coffee which began as a drive-thru kiosk in the St. Andrews/Irmo area in Columbia’s northwest suburbs in 2012. He has since added a roastery where he is able to control his brand beginning with the coffee beans that are fair-trade and organic. 

For Loveland to become a roast master, he had to do a bit of travelling — two, two-week trips to the Specialty Coffee Association’s U.S. headquarters in the San Francisco area. It was there he took coursework and two tests. But he says it was worth it because it shows his customers he’s serious about the coffee business.

“I’m adhering to the global standards and best practices,” Loveland said. “We’re committed to quality and the certification shows you I’m committed to quality because it took effort, money and time on my part to put myself through this.”

Another thing Loveland is committed to is his dream to open a coffee café in the Columbia area — a place where he can have more interaction with the community and opportunities for ministry. He says that may happen by the end of 2018.

“I’m hoping to find permanent space and have a café and roastery all in one,” Loveland said. “All my customers know that’s my goal and are excited about it. We’re really working hard to make that happen.”           

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