Memorial Tree Planted in Honor of Beloved CIU Vice President

July 18, 2013

Don Jones, the director of human resources at Columbia International University, remembers Bob Kallgren as “a godly man filled with wisdom, grace and gentleness” who had a major impact on CIU and the Columbia community.  

That’s why Jones and his wife Marty have planted a memorial tree on the CIU campus in honor of Kallgren, who served CIU for 39 years until his death in 2011.

“Looking past position, class, status, and race, Bob knew no strangers and was loving to all,” Jones said. “He saw men and women made in the image of God with a great potential for the Kingdom of God.”

Jones remembers Kallgren as a wise counselor with a jovial disposition who many sought out for advice, not only on the CIU campus, but also within higher education in the United States, and around Columbia where Kallgren was involved in the community.  

“Bob knew when to rebuke, exhort, pray, comfort, cry, and laugh,” Jones said. “Because of his godly impact on my life and Marty’s life, CIU, the Columbia community, Christian higher education institutions throughout the United States, and people serving the Lord around the world, we want the life and legacy of Bob Kallgren always to be remembered.”

The tree was planted in July near the new CIU soccer field. A memorial stone with an inscription and Kallgren’s photo was placed in front of it.