Ministry of Bible College President Enhanced by CIU Online Seminary Studies

June 27, 2018

By Bob Holmes

The president of a Bible college in Indiana says his online seminary studies at Columbia International University greatly assists him in the various aspects of his ministry.

C. Adam Buckler, who earned an online Master of Arts in Theological Studies from CIU in 2017, is in his sixth year as the president of Union Bible College and Academy in Westfield, Indiana near Indianapolis.

Buckler, a well-known evangelist in Holiness and Wesleyan churches, says his classes in Muslims Studies were especially beneficial to him. He said while in CIU’s master’s program, he had the opportunity to join a friend in ministry to Pakistanis living in North Carolina.   

“I was able to use what I was learning at CIU to directly assist him,” Buckler said. “That was a unique privilege that I did not expect.”

Buckler made the comments during an interview while in Columbia where he was preaching at a series of meetings at a local church. He says online learning is ideal for a person like him who is deeply involved in ministry.  

“Online learning is more conducive to the adult learner. It’s constructed to be so,” Buckler said. “When it is done well, it can be done equally as well as anything that can be presented in the classroom.

“In some ways it is superior,” he added. “Because of the amplification of reading, and the redirection of student-initiated learning. It’s quickly moving us to a research-based, independent-learning model. That is tremendously helpful.”

Buckler also noted that CIU’s core values come through in the online courses, especially World Evangelization.  

“CIU does a good job of communicating through the online platform, their deep commitment to world missions,” Buckler said. “CIU’s commitment to being actively engaged in Kingdom work is what really appealed to me.”

Buckler also said CIU deepened his appreciation for another CIU core value, The Victorious Christian Life.

“The message of victory over sin is deeply a part of my Wesleyan heritage,” Buckler said. He noted that even though there are some slight differences in his understanding of living victoriously and CIU’s roots in the Keswick Movement, “The Victorious Christian Life is championed here. I really appreciate that.”

Buckler encourages others involved in ministry who are hesitant to engage in online studies, to consider how quickly they will be able to apply what they are learning to hands-on ministry.

“I have happily carried much of what I’ve learned in a class online directly into the pulpit or some other form of ministry,” Buckler said. “Of course we know we’re not just training people to preach, we’re formulating worldview and we’re building character — that’s the greatest thing that any college or university is trying to do.”

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