Online Business Degrees Coming to CIU this Fall

May 23, 2017

Fall marks several new beginnings for online degree programs at Columbia International University (CIU). Three entirely online business degrees will be offered in August, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA), the first graduate degree to be offered by the CIU College of Arts & Sciences.

The other two online degree programs are Associate of Arts in Business and the Bachelor of Science in Business. These degrees are the first undergraduate programs offered entirely online by CIU.

Associate Provost for Online Studies, Dr. Brian Simmons, says CIU is making an affordable business degree available to people who are looking for upward mobility in their careers.

“We have a robust online set of business options for adults regardless of their current educational backgrounds,” Simmons said. “For a lot of people what is holding them back in advancement of their careers is a degree.”

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a 36-hour online graduate degree that can be completed in as little as 18 months. The Associate of Arts (AA) with a concentration in business is a 60-hour online undergraduate degree that can be completed in 30 months, and the Bachelor of Science (BS) with a business major is a 120-hour online undergraduate degree which after successful completion of the AA degree can be completed in an additional 24 months. 

Simmons says in addition to the programs being taught with excellence at an affordable cost, they align with CIU’s mission to educate from a biblical worldview.

“We will offer quality programs that are a good value taught by people who are experienced and outstanding in their fields, as well as devoted followers of Jesus Christ,” Simmons said. “We also look at the learning objectives within every course, making sure they align with our values as a university and are consistent with principles found in the Bible.”

Simmons adds that people in a variety of professions will benefit from the new online business degrees because of the leadership and life skills taught in a business program. 

“Virtually everything in our world revolves around business,” Simmons said. “I can’t think of an area where business principles are not important.”

New CIU president, Dr. Mark Smith, is unveiling numerous new initiatives to increase the enrollment and mission impact of CIU. He is excited these new business programs will expand the CIU footprint.

“With God’s help, this is the beginning of great days ahead,” Smith said.

More information on the new online business programs is coming soon to