Pro-Life: Standing up for Truth in Society

April 06, 2018

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

The Columbia International University student body contemplated some profound questions about life during an April Chapel: “Do some human beings matter more than others? What does science say about the unborn? What makes human beings valuable?”

The questions were posed as a pro-life apologetic by Jannique Stewart of the Life Training Institute, which assists Christians and pro-life advocates to persuasively defend their views in the marketplace of ideas. Stewart grew up in Germany with reminders of the Holocaust which shaped her desire to stand up against injustices.

“The unborn are valuable human beings and from the earliest stages the unborn are living, distinct and whole,” Stewart said.

When it comes to engaging the culture on the abortion issue, Stewart emphasized the importance of 1 Peter 3:15 which encourages believers to address those who oppose them “gentleness and respect.”

“We need to be givers of the gospel; make the case for life with grace and courage,” Stewart said.

Through questions and real-life experiences, Stewart encouraged the students to see that truth is compromised when babies are aborted.

Freshman Brittany Bailey was impressed with Stewart’s emphasis on objective vs. subjective truth when it comes to how the culture views the life of the unborn.

“People (in our culture) look at abortion as a subjective (preference). It is not,” Bailey said.  

 Hear Jannique Stewart’s Chapel message on the CIU podcast page.

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