Rankin and Castor Address EMS

August 22, 2014

The director and associate director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at Columbia International University will address The 2014 North American Mission Leaders Conference sponsored by The Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) and held in Atlanta, Sept. 25-27.  

EMS exists to advance the cause of world evangelization through study and evaluation of mission concepts and strategies from a biblical perspective. 

Zwemer Director Jerry Rankin and Associate Director Trevor Castor will present papers on this year’s topic: Immigration and Migration, Globalization, Urbanization, and Exploitation.

Rankin, a former president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, will speak on: “Organizing to Reach the Diaspora: A Case Study in Changing Overseas Structure from Geographic Components to Global Affinity Groups.”

Castor, who is also a professor of Intercultural Studies at CIU, will discuss: “Mapping the Diaspora with Facebook.” Castor says Facebook can be used as an efficient ethnographic and migration-mapping tool that offers cultural insights as well as linguistic, ethnic, national and religious identifiers.

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