Remembering Betty Dent

November 12, 2014

Betty Dent, a former member of the Columbia International University Board of Trustees and a longtime supporter of CIU, passed away in West Columbia, South Carolina on Nov. 10. She was 82.

Betty supported her husband, the late Harry Dent Sr. as he served in numerous leadership positions in state and federal government, including service in the White House under President Richard Nixon and as an advisor to Presidents Jerry Ford and George H.W. Bush.

In the mid-1970s, Betty served on the S.C. Mental Health Advisory Board and was recognized as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Women in Columbia.

Betty and Harry served together in ministry, founding Laity Alive and Serving in 1985, through which they coordinated mission trips around the world, especially to Romania. Betty also coordinated Market Place Bible Studies and assisted Harry when he was chairman of the Billy Graham Crusade in Columbia. In 1992, Betty and Harry wrote “Right Versus Wrong: Solutions to the American Nightmare,” detailing stories of their upbringing in dysfunctional and alcoholic homes.

Betty Dent's memorial service was held on Nov.15 at the place she loved most: Columbia International University.   

See Betty Dent’s full obituary in The State newspaper of Columbia: