Remembering Dr. Terry Hulbert

February 22, 2014

CIU Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dr. Terry Hulbert passed away on Feb. 22, 2014. He was 89 years old.

Dr. Hulbert came to CIU in 1972 as dean of the seminary, a position he held for 16 years. He then served CIU as provost and vice president for academic affairs from 1988 until 1994. During the 1990-91 year he also served as interim president.

Following his retirement from administration in 1994, Hulbert returned to the classroom full time where his teaching centered around a full range of geographically-based PowerPoint slides that encouraged his students to "walk in the sandals" of the people they met in the Bible. This passionate approach to learning led Hulbert to publish a ground-breaking set of CDs in the mid-1990s titled "Walking in Their Sandals," that included satellite maps, videos, photos and other graphics that assist in a better understanding of the geography and culture of biblical times.   

Funeral services for Dr. Hulbert will be Sunday, March 2 at 2:00 p.m. at St. Andrews Evangelical Church in Columbia, 2609 Seminole Road.  Memorials may be made to the Terry and Jean Hulbert Scholarship Fund at:

Read Dr. Hulbert's obituary in The State newspaper of Columbia: