Spring at CIU: Elegance and Chocolate Syrup

April 23, 2013

April events include a formal and a bath in syrup

A little Friday night stress relief from studies at Columbia International University includes guys in ties and ladies in long flowing formals. It also includes a bath in a kiddie pool filled with chocolate syrup.  

Elegance was on display at the annual Junior/Senior Formal this year, held outdoors at the Lace House on the grounds of the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion.  Only a couple weeks later, some of the same students donned zany costumes to take part in the annual Sadie Hawkins Throwdown. This event, which is unique to CIU, starts with a female student who asks a guy to be her partner in a series of creative games including gunny sack races, speed jigsaw puzzle making and sliding through a kiddie pool filled with chocolate syrup. The couple that compiles the most points in each event is declared the winner at the end of the night.

Check out the fun on CIU’s Flickr site:


(Photos by CIU student photographers Timothy Wolff and Alex Dugas)