Students Challenged to Know Christ at Christian Life Conference

September 16, 2013

By Melissa McCutchan

CIU Student Writer

For a few minutes, the only sounds in Shortess Chapel were CIU students lifting their praises to God.

“Thank you, Lord, for indwelling us.” “Thank you for giving us your Spirit.” “Thank you that you do not despise the broken and contrite heart.” “Thank you, God, for Jesus.”

The Spirit of God moved powerfully as students, faculty, and staff gathered for the Christian Life Conference, Sept. 9-12. The conference is held every year as a time for CIU to focus on one of its core values: the victorious Christian life. 

Dr. Charles Price of Toronto, Canada addressed the CIU body. Price pastors The Peoples Church in Toronto, and his weekly television program, “Living Truth,” is broadcast in countries around the world.

“His messages were powerful, humorous, and filled with biblical truth,” sophomore Timothy LaPointe said. “I was definitely challenged to hold strong to my faith, but also to trust in the Lord’s strength.”

Throughout the week, Price gave a series of Chapel messages focused on faith, dependence upon God, victory over sin, and Christ’s fulfillment of the law.

“I loved how Dr. Price said, ‘Jesus does not take away our sin, but counteracts our sin,’” sophomore Kaylee Pedersen said. “Even though sin is hard and never gives up ... the Lord remains faithful.”

Price challenged his listeners to think of the Old Covenant law as a means by which God revealed His character.

“The purpose of the law is to reveal the character of God,” Price said. “The effect of the law is to reveal the failure of man.”

The Christian Life Conference concluded with a prayer day as many students stood to proclaim that God had begun a new work in their lives that week.

“The [Christian life] is not trying to do my best for God,” Price said in his final day at CIU. “It is allowing God to do His work in me and through me. He desires that His commands would become promises that liberate you and free you.”

To hear the messages from Dr. Charles Price, go to the Chapel podcasts at: