Study Break: Breakfast at 10 p.m.

December 09, 2015

By Bob Holmes

Staying up late to study for finals is hard enough. But when your stomach starts growling, then what do you do?

The CIU Admissions Department to the rescue!

On Dec. 7, the admissions counselors served 200 hungry students eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, grits, oatmeal, French toast sticks, fruit, coffee, and juice.  The big breakfast was designed not only to keep the students awake for an all-nighter, but to thank them for the hospitality they show to campus guests. At events such as the McQuilkin Scholarship Weekend, the visiting prospective students share a room in the residence halls as the guest of current students.   

“As a relative newcomer to CIU, I have been so impressed by the support that our students give to our efforts to make prospective students feel welcome on campus,” Admissions Director Mike Sapienza said. “Providing a break like this during their busy finals week was just a small way for us in the Admissions Office to say thank you. 

“We had the Christmas lights on and Christmas music playing in the cafeteria and once it filled up it was a really great atmosphere,” Sapienza added. “Pioneer Food Service also worked a really late night cooking and preparing to support the event as well.”

The breakfast got rave reviews.

“Late Night Caf was one of the best things that's happened on campus this semester,” said junior Tyler Tong. “The gift of a study break with free food during finals week is one of the best gifts a school can give its students, and I think everyone would agree by the number of students that showed up and the joy that was felt in the room.”