Swing Your Partner

November 01, 2016

CIU Students Gather for a Night of Fun at the Hoedown

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Columbia International University students gathered for one of the most anticipated social events of the year: The Hoedown. It’s a night of fun, fellowship, and competition centered on CIU's new House Collective program in which each residence hall collects points throughout the school year.   

Among the autumn-themed games at the Oct. 29 event were a pumpkin-carving contest and a pie-eating contest, both of which were won by members of The House of Sapientia.

“I love getting a chance to celebrate pumpkins and flannel with my friends,” said sophomore Kristi Fain.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of The Hoedown is learning to square dance, taught by a couple who has offered instruction ever since The Hoedown tradition began in 2011.

“We really enjoy coming out and doing this every year,” said square dance instructor Don Mitchum.  

Aside from the students, several faculty and staff were in attendance, as were a few younger alumni.

“It was a real hoot,” said alumna Laura McGahey from the class of 2015.   

A number of students noted that The Hoedown demonstrates the bond of unity that exists on the CIU campus.

“It's great how this brings community together,” said junior Nassar Najjar.

“Tonight has been a wholesome evening that could be enjoyed by everyone,” added sophomore Max Harding.

That sense of harmony was noticed by prospective CIU student Nelson Williamson, a high school senior from Charlotte, North Carolina who attended CIU’s Undergraduate Preview event earlier in the day.

“This is a very welcoming community,” Williamson said.