Video Highlights CIU Study Tour

November 27, 2012

Study tours at Columbia International University prepare students to share God’s heart for the world. These credit-bearing courses expose students to the sights, sounds and practices of other cultures as they see God at work in a variety of contexts.    

Some examples of study tours include a two-week tour of Europe that is part of the Humanities program. CIU also offers an Israel study tour in partnership Jerusalem University College, where classroom instruction supplements field study in archeology and geography.

The International Student Teaching Practicum in Belize provides students with a teaching opportunity in an international setting.  

The most recent trip to Belize included 20 students from the Bible Teaching program and the Master of Arts in Teaching program. But it was also an opportunity for Communication major Seth McCain to put his video skills to work.     

McCain called the trip a “neat experience” as he traveled to two locations in Belize to shoot and produce a video about the trip.

“Not only did I shoot video of my colleagues teaching in their classrooms, I had an opportunity to teach,” McCain said. “We prepared Bible lesson plans on the book of Esther, and taught science, English, and math as well.” 

Check our Seth McCain’s video at: