View YouTube, Improve Your Grade

October 11, 2012

What would you do to get 25 bonus points added to your grade?  How about surfing YouTube to find videos that complement your professor’s syllabus?    

That’s what Professors Ed Smither and Trevor Castor are offering students in their Mission of God class this semester.  “The Video Challenge” encourages students to submit videos from websites such as YouTube and Vimeo that connect with a daily class topic.  Smither says the idea is to encourage the students to look ahead in the course schedule.     

“We have very high standards because it must fit with the class,” Smither said.  “Winners receive 25 bonus points on their final grade – the equivalent of one of our 10 quizzes in the semester.”

For example, in preparation for a discussion on missions in the book of Acts, a student submitted this winning video, “The Book of Acts in 3 Minutes”

Student Hanna Jones thinks “The Video Challenge” is a great idea.

“It gives you a push to stay focused and to look for something that will apply to the class,” Jones said.  “I tend to think about things better when I watch them (in a video) and so I make connections in my brain better that way.  Also, who doesn't love a little extra credit?”

Jones submitted a video by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins titled, “Hey There Delilah (The Samson Version)” to complement a class on Bible characters:

But not all the winning videos are humorous.  Student Steven McCain won 25 bonus points for submitting the video “The Reward of His Suffering (Official Music Video)” by Christian musician Matt Papa:

“I chose this video because when I saw it, it was very moving and it was a good reminder of the great need that the world has for the gospel,” McCain said.  “I think that it is a good idea to offer extra credit for video winners because it encourages people to learn more about missions through seeking videos about it.”

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