Welcome Class of 2021!

August 17, 2017

By Bob Holmes

The only thing higher than the humidity on CIU registration and move-in day were the spirits of the Class of 2021. With the assistance of smiling upperclassmen volunteers, the freshmen and their families carried boxes, bedding and even a couple bass guitars to into the residence halls of CIU. Officially, the high temperature in Columbia on Aug.16 was 98 degrees, but the dozens of volunteers made the transition from car trunk into the air conditioning a quick move.

Then it was time to arrange the room. Some had it pretty well figured out already including Aja Gaulden of Newberry, South Carolina and McKenzie Crabtree of Brevard, North Carolina. They had not met in person before move-in day, but said they had communicated with each other over the summer when they found out they would be roommates.  

Meanwhile, roommates Emily Hernandez and Mary Wood seemed a bit overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of room arrangements. But they’ll work it out. They have been best friends since middle school in Lexington, South Carolina and agreed they will make great roommates.

“We’ll just smack each other when we need to move on,” Wood said giving Hernandez a playful slap on the face as they both laughed. “OK, get away from me,” was Hernandez response. More laughter.

Wood also brought Hernandez a couple of gifts: a photo of the two of them from middle school and ear plugs.

“I snore,” Wood said. More laughter.

The freshman class has plenty of opportunity to get to know each other and CIU over the coming days. They’ll attend important information sessions, special meals and social events, including an Eclipse Party on Aug. 21, celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse over Columbia. Classes begin Aug. 22.