Why are CIU Preview Days so Popular? Here’s a “Clue”

March 09, 2011

By Lenae Simpson

CIU Student Writer

“It was Miss Peacock, with the revolver, in the Conservatory!” guessed one of the players. All eight of us stood in the Library and watched closely as Professor Plum looked through his cards. 

As a bullhorn sounded, our group left the Library and moved into the Ballroom, approaching Miss Scarlet. We — CIU students and prospective students —were playing a live game of “Clue.” The Freshman Leadership Team had taken over an academic building and turned its rooms into a life-sized game board.

But playing “Clue” was only one of the CIU experiences for 46 prospective students at CIU Undergraduate Preview Days, March 3 and 4.  The high schoolers slept in the residence halls, observed classes, and had lunch with professors.

At the luncheon students learned that Andre Rogers, a professor at CIU for the past 12 years, teaches at CIU because he is “passionate about teaching and preaching the Scriptures.” Carrie Caudill is a professor because she wants psychology students to be “academically prepared and spiritually aware.” Representing the Youth Ministry program, Dr. Karen Grant expressed her hope of sending well-equipped youth ministers around the world.

After the luncheon, the prospective students mingled with professors at a “Major’s Market.” Tours of the campus, meetings with the financial aid personnel, and a panel discussion allowed students to see into the heart of CIU.

Preview Day wrapped up with a time of worship led by “Proskuneo,” a multi-lingual praise band.

Prospective student Carrie Ann Bowden made the trip from North Carolina for Preview Days noting that the visit helped her “get a feel of the campus.”

One visiting mother said she brought her daughter to CIU’s Preview Days because she “knew [CIU] was a school of really good reputation.”

Whether you visit because you know of CIU’s biblical reputation, or you simply stumble upon us in Columbia, we would love to have you visit.  The next CIU Undergraduate Preview Day is April 8. Schedule a visit

See photos of the March 3-4 Undergraduate Preview Days.