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Reason To Sing

He's still holding the whole world in His hands... THAT is a reason to sing!

Jesus is Loving Barrabbas

Hope this challenges and encourages you this Friday. Thanks, Judah Smith, for a healthy dose of the gospel this morning.


The Eyes Have It

One of my least favorite parts of playing sports in middle and high school was the requirement to stretch before practices and games.  The most difficult stretch for me to execute was the standing quad stretch.  You probably know the one.

I would balance on one foot, grab the opposite foot and bring it up behind me, while bending the knee.  The reason this stretch was so challenging was that it required balance.  I remember spending the duration of the stretch wobbling back and forth just trying to stay standing.


One Simple Question

In a world full of uncertainty, the value of absolute truth is hard to overstate.  Life is comprised of a wide range of emotions.  Circumstances are always prone to change.  But there’s a simple practice that has served as an anchor for my soul.

When time are tough, when I have doubts, or when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I have developed a habit that brings unspeakable consolation.  I ask myself one question: What do I know to be true?


Never Once

Have a great weekend everyone!


A Gracious Collision

Blogger and soon-to-be published author Sara Hagerty recently tweeted, “If knowing Him more intimately is my end goal, there’s not one single thing I will face today that can’t serve to draw me into this.”

Sara reminds me of Paul.


Keep Making Me

Happy Friday from the Sidewalk Prophets!


The Best Gift Ever

Romans 5 is one of those glorious chapters which can be read in a minute but could be contemplated for a lifetime.  In only a few verses, Paul, in typical fashion, plunges simultaneously into the depths of mankind’s depravity and ascends to the heights of gospel grandeur.