Master of Arts in Care and Counseling

The Care and Counseling program is for those who want to teach, train, and counsel in a variety of communities and contexts. If that’s you—seeking to help people understand themselves, others, life, and the world from God’s perspective—you’ll be at home in the MA in Care and Counseling.

What You'll Learn 

  • Provide wholistic short-term care that addresses all dimensions of personhood 
  • Use theological and evidence-based counseling skills 
  • Care for the emotional and spiritual needs of others

Program Length 

Three years, although you may finish sooner with transfer credit and/or by testing out of selected courses

Why Study Care and Counseling at CIU Online?

  • Highly engaged, hands-on online classes with students from all over the world
  • Caring, scholarly, and experienced faculty who are practitioners of the subjects they teach and who can provide both expert academic support and individualized spiritual guidance
  • Intentional integration of Bible knowledge, spiritual formation, and ministry skill development
  • Mentored field experience built into the curriculum

Program Options that Fit Your Experience Level 

We offer two program tracks, one for students with no previous studies in Bible or theology, and one for students who have at least 30 semester hours of Bible, theology, or Church history.

Read the programs details or view Program 1 and Program 2 course requirements.