Master of Business Administration

Earn Your MBA Online in as Few as 15 Months and for $15,000.

You thrive in the world of business. It’s where your organizational, leadership, and management skills are at their best, but you know there’s still room to grow. That’s what our Master’s in Business Administration is designed to help you do, through advanced study of core business-related disciplines.

Every class you take will help teach you the best practices of effective and ethical leadership and management, rooted in a biblical worldview. When you graduate, you’ll be closer not only to your career goals, but also to God and His mission. 

What You’ll Learn as an Online MBA Student

  • How to effectively, ethically lead people, manage systems and operations, and steward resources within for-profit and nonprofit organizations, for the benefit of owners, donors, and stakeholders
  • Essential skills for working in different business environments, such as for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and governmental and international nongovernmental entities
  • Best practices in the core disciplines of business, economics, and organizational development, especially as applied within a cross-cultural and international context
  • How to formulate a personal philosophy of effective and ethical business and leadership practices and strategies, well-grounded in a biblical worldview

Why Complete Your MBA at CIU Online?

  • Highly engaged, hands-on online classes with students from all over the world
  • Flexible schedule that gives you the option of continuing to work while in the program
  • Professors who are practitioners of the subjects they teach and who can provide expert academic advising
  • Faculty and staff who are dedicated to getting to know you and providing not only academic support but spiritual support and guidance as well

Online MBA Concentrations and Courses


  • Management of Financial Institutions
  • Financials Markets
  • Investment Analysis
  • International Financial Markets

Healthcare Management

  • Decision Making in Health Care System
  • Health Care Legal and Regulatory Climates
  • Grant Acquisition and Management
  • Health Care Finance

Career and Ministry Opportunities for Master of Business Administration (MBA) Graduates

Whether you’re seeking to advance your current career or switch career paths, your MBA will prepare you for high-level management and leadership positions in a broad array of organizations. Our curriculum’s biblical worldview, offers unique preparation for domestic and international service with for-profit enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and international nongovernmental organizations.

  • Traditional Marketplace: Senior-level positions in fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management
  • Church and Ministry Work: Business focused positions in church and parachurch organizations
  • Academic Careers: Colleges and university teaching positions; academic research and Ph.D. work

Master of Business Administration Admission Requirements

• Online application
• $25 Application fee
• Official transcripts for bachelor’s degree and any master’s degree work
• Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA (those with a GPA under 2.0 may be admitted on a provisional basis)

Credit Hours
Finish in as few as
15 months