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Helpful Websites & Articles for Parents


The following are links to websites and online articles that might be of interest to the parents of college students. Please be advised that CIU does not maintain the content of these sites.

Choosing a College that's Right for You - "Choosing where you want to go to college is an extremely personal -- and frequently stressful -- decision that teens and their families have to make. So, how can this article help you? This article's intent is to give you a framework that will help you choose the college that is right for you." Read more of this article by author Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Credit Card Smarts - "For many students, problems with credit cards in college can lead to long-lasting and punishing cycles of debt. Learning about responsible credit use now can save your child from unnecessary debt after graduation." Read more of this article about credit card facts and strategies to help your child manage credit wisely.

The Launching Years - "The launching years correspond roughly to the senior year of high school and the beginning years of college when the majority of American children leave home. These years represent a complicated and vastly overlooked transitional period for young adults and parents alike." Read more of this article by authors Laura Kastner, Ph.D and Jennifer Wyatt, Ph.D.

Homesickness: How to Help Your Child - "While your child was counting down the days until she left for college, you were doing a countdown of your own, one tinged with sadness because your 'baby' was leaving. On the fourth day of her independence, something strange happened." Read more of this article.

Shopping and Packing Tips - "Does shopping and packing to go away to college feel like an overwhelming task? It's a good idea to start early and be as organized as possible. Use the Off-to-College Checklist to keep tabs on your child's progress."

Transitions - "Our son will be leaving for college next fall. Is there anything we can do to help ease the transition from home to dorm life?" Read more of this article from Focus on the Family.