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make Him known.” The curriculum and communi-

ty life at CIU are designed to provide a dynamic

context in which students are assisted and

encouraged to pursue the following goals:

• Know Christ

by learning submission to His

Lordship and dependence on the Holy Spirit,

thus making progress in conforming to His


• Know the Word

by gaining mastery of its con-

tent and understanding of its meaning, by

assimilating and applying its truth, and develop-

ing skill in the use of study tools.

• Know oneself

by an increasing awareness of

spiritual gifts and personal potential.

• Know people

by becoming sensitive to their

needs, the contexts in which they live and by

improving communication with them, whatever

their culture.

• Know the skills

required in one’s area of


We provide the faculty and resources for learning

and the incentive and curricular guidance neces-

sary for progress toward these goals. We expect

students to involve themselves in the spiritual,

academic, social and physical dimensions of CIU

life. As they do, they come “to know Him” better

and are able “to make Him known” more effec-

tively. We believe that God’s purpose for

Columbia International University corporately, and

for its faculty and students individually can be

achieved only by the supernatural work of the

Holy Spirit through yielded believers.

Educational Philosophy

It is the intention all of the graduate programs to

include in their educational values a full commit-

ment to biblical literacy coupled with a ministry

orientation and marketable, professional skills. To

fulfill the Great Commission in a variety of set-

tings, graduates must have a biblical servant-

leader orientation and refined professional skills.

All graduate programs require demonstrated

excellence in areas of value, inquiry, knowledge

and practice.

Educational Goals

1. Spiritual Formation with a Christian Virtues


All graduate programs aim to develop in

students a deepening relationship with and

submission to Christ and to the Bible as the

authoritative Word of God, a Christian ethic

and lifestyle, healthy interpersonal relation-

ships and the ability to build collegial relation-

ships as a source of support and


2. Academic Excellence with Bible Core

All graduate programs aim to develop in stu-

dents the ability to articulate a biblical model

for one’s chosen professional discipline, the

knowledge base and skills needed for profes-

sional practice, an understanding of the theory

of the discipline, the ability to articulate major

teachings of the Bible and to interpret and

apply the Bible to contemporary culture, and

lifelong habits of professional reading, reflec-

tion and reasoned discussion using revealed

truth for critiquing contemporary culture and

building a biblical worldview.

3. Vocational Effectiveness with a Ministry

Skills Foundation

All graduate programs aim to develop in stu-

dents a knowledge of and commitment to the

ethical code integral to their profession, a bibli-

cal servant-leader orientation, a world

Christian perspective including intercultural

sensitivity and skills, and dedication to the life

and work of the local church.

Doctrinal Standard

Teaching at Columbia International University is

based on the great fundamentals of the Christian

faith, all of which center on the person of Jesus

Christ, our crucified, risen, and glorified Savior

and Lord. The following, together with other

Christian principles of doctrine and practice,

including the affirmation of the full trustworthiness

of Scripture, which in its original writing was ver-

bally inspired and without error, shall be the basis

of the faith and doctrine of the Columbia

International University:


2012-2013 Graduate Programs Academic Catalog