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Programs for students with or without

Previous Bible training:

Each degree program is offered in two formats:

Program 1 for college or university graduates with

no previous studies in Bible or theology, and

Program 2 for Bible college graduates or college

graduates who have at least 30 semester hours of

Bible, theology or church history.

Programs for college and university

graduates: Program 1

(Without an undergraduate major in Bible)

Purpose: to provide

• globally focused, multicultural ministry training

for university graduates whose previous study

has not included biblical and theological disci-


• ministry training for individuals who are chang-

ing careers.

• opportunity for personal development through

careful study of the Scriptures and application

of biblical truth to life and ministry.

• opportunity to test one’s call to vocational

Christian service through ministry studies and

supervised experience.

Programs for Bible college graduates:

Program 2

(With an undergraduate major in


Purpose: to provide

• advanced ministry preparation that acknowl-

edges and builds on prior studies in Bible, the-

ology and church history.

• specialized training for individuals who intend to

serve in another culture.

• professional development for individuals in min-

istry who desire the refreshment and growth

stimulated by advanced studies.

• advanced training in biblical studies.


The Program 2 curriculum has been constructed

to ensure adequate coverage and balance in

essential areas of preparation for ministry without

unwarranted duplication of prior study. Where

duplication occurs, a student may petition to sub-

stitute another course in the same discipline field.

entrance requirements:

In addition to those requirements listed in the

Admissions section of the catalog, applicants for

Program 2 must have a baccalaureate degree

from an institution accredited by the Association

for Biblical Higher Education or a minimum of 30

semester hours of previous study in Bible, theolo-

gy and/or church history from a regionally accred-

ited college or university.

Students with 18-29 semester hours of previous

biblical and theological studies from an accredited

institution may enroll in CIU SSM as Program 1

students and complete the courses necessary to

reach the 30 semester hour minimum for entrance

into Program 2. Hours used to meet entrance

requirements, however, may not be applied

toward degree completion. Once students have

met the 30 hour minimum, they may apply for

entrance into a Program 2 degree using the

Degree Change form available from the CIU SSM

dean’s office (Schuster 140).

requirements to receive a ciu ssm degree

general requirements (Programs 1 and 2):

• Completion of one of the prescribed curricula

with a minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA (3.0 in

Ministry Care). Although faculty advisors assist

students in planning their course of studies, it is

the student’s responsibility to ensure that all

requirements for graduation have been met.

• Read the entire English Bible following admis-

sion, counting selections assigned in Bible

courses. This requirement must be completed

six weeks prior to graduation and affirmed as

part of the Application for Graduation available

from the Office of the University Registrar (not

applicable to D.Min. or Biblical Ministry


• Approval of Candidacy (not applicable to

Biblical Ministry Certificate students; see details


• Significant achievement of CIU SSM objectives

(see Introduction).

• Affirmation of the Doctrinal Statement, except

section 8 (see below).

• Completion of Chapel attendance requirement

(see below).

2012-2013 Seminary Programs Academic Catalog