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2012-2013 Undergraduate Programs

Who Should Apply?

Applicants should exhibit strong Christian charac-

ter, commitment and potential for effectiveness in

Christian ministry. They also should possess

scholastic achievement and intellectual ability to

handle college assignments.Though many of our

new students come straight from high school, a

large number are married persons, transfer stu-

dents and those with previous careers. The stu-

dent body includes people of diverse ages,

geographic and cultural backgrounds and denom-

inational affiliations. This diversity adds to the

richness of the CIU educational experience.

Prospective students are encouraged to discuss

personal plans, vocational goals and questions

with our undergraduate admissions staff. Within

the United States, call our toll-free number (800)

777-2227. Outside the United States, please call

(803) 807-5024. Our fax number is (803) 786-4041

and our email address is:


At Columbia International University, we offer a

challenging curriculum that encourages students

to fulfill their God-given potential. Students who

choose CIU will become part of an academically

strong student body. Our data reveals that of the

Fall 2010 entering class, the average grade point

average (GPA) was 3.76 on a 4.0 scale, the aver-

age Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) score was

1114 and the average American College Test

(ACT) score was 23. We recognize, however, the

power of God to change lives and help students

succeed in academic environments.

Consequently, we have chosen to adopt the fol-

lowing criteria to guide our admissions process:

Policy on General Requirements for


The faculty has chosen to adopt the following cri-

teria to guide our admissions process:

Evidence of trusting Christ for salvation and

being a follower of Jesus Christ (normally for at

least one year prior to enrollment) as expressed

through a personal testimony and a pastoral ref-


Evidence of a desire to know God better

through studying His Word as evidenced by

expressing principles one has learned by study-

ing God’s Word.

• Evidence of character development and a matu-

ration process that is consistent with biblical

commands and a Christian worldview as

expressed through the references of two adults

who have observed this maturation process and

a pastoral reference.

• Evidence of an ongoing desire and lifestyle of

serving others as expressed by a list of family,

church, academic and extra-curricular activities

preparing one for college life.

• Evidence of a teachable spirit and a desire to

learn (including a willingness to submit to school

standards and/or those placed in authority) as

evidenced by references, personal testimony

and committing to accountability structures at

the university.

• Evidence of a willingness to engage in ministry

opportunities at a variety of levels: in the home,

in the church, in one’s vocational setting and in

one’s community.

• Evidence of an ability and preparation to meet

the academic requirements of Columbia

International University, demonstrated by pos-

sessing a valid high school diploma or equiva-

lent, submitting appropriate standardized testing

scores for college admission and submitting

appropriate transcripts of all previous education

experiences in high school and college.

Academic policies and procedures listed below

help clarify academic requirements for admis-



We strongly recommend a college

preparatory high school curriculum that includes a

thorough background in English grammar and

composition, two or more units of a foreign lan-

guage, two units of mathematics, two units of his-

tory and one unit of natural science.

• Engaged or married applicants are welcome.

Spouses or fiancés of applicants should partici-

pate in and support any decisions to seek train-

ing or ministry involvement.

• Applicants who have been divorced will be con-

sidered for admission on a case-by-case basis.

• Race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex and disability

are not factors in our selection process.

• An applicant will not be admitted who denies

any teaching expressed in the Doctrinal

Standard found on pages 8-9 of this catalog.