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Greetings from the faculty and staff team of the Seminary & School of Ministry (SSM). It is

my privilege to provide a brief introduction to the mission and goals of our college.

As one of the colleges of CIU, we

wholeheartedly embrace the purpose of

educating people from a biblical worldview to

impact the nations with the message of Christ,

or to put it more succinctly, “to know Him”

better and “to make Him known” more


In SSM we pursue our role in implementing that

purpose through three divisions: the

Undergraduate Ministry Division, the Clinical

Counseling Division, and the Seminary

Division—Columbia Biblical Seminary (CBS).

Although the missions of the individual divisions

are stated differently, each presupposes the

same four educational components: biblical-theological knowledge, spiritual formation,

practical skill development, and a Great Commission focus.

As a faculty and staff, our desire is that studying with us will transform your life while

enhancing your knowledge, attitudes, and skills in four areas:

1. The biblical-theological knowledge necessary to interpret and apply the biblical text

and to engage contemporary theological, ethical, and apologetic issues

2. Consistent growth toward Christ-like attitudes and behavior accompanied by a

commitment to helping others grow in Christ

3. A set of practical skills necessary to serve others with cultural understanding and


4. A Great Commission mindset toward life and work

In other words, we hope you will strengthen your ability to think biblically, grow spiritually,

and minister effectively with a Great Commission focus.

The following information will give you a taste of our programs, our personnel, and our

passion, but it might not tell you everything you want to know. If we can help you personally,

please call us at 800.777.2227 or email us at

so we can answer your

questions or discuss your specific needs.

Yours in Christ,

John D. Harvey, Th.D.

Dean of the Seminary & School of Ministry