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Purpose and Objectives:

The Postgraduate Certificate in Missionary Care provides students with specialized knowledge and skills to address the

spiritual and emotional needs of individuals and families who are engaged in cross-cultural ministry.

The objectives of the Postgraduate Certificate in Missionary Care will enable students to:

Understand cross-cultural living and its impact upon individuals and families.

Assess and diagnose the mental status of missionaries in relation to enculturation dynamics.

Identify an effective treatment plan to establish emotional and life balance.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to those requirements listed in the Admissions section of this catalog, applicants for the Postgraduate Certificate

in Missionary Care meet the following requirements:

An accredited graduate-level theological degree (M.A. or M.Div.) and the equivalent of at least three years of

missions experience or an accredited graduate-level degree in mental health.

A minimum graduate-level GPA of 3.0. Students whose GPA falls between 2.8 and 3.0 may be considered for

admission on a probationary basis, if they submit a request in writing accompanied by appropriate rationale.

Demonstrated proficiency in the use of spoken or written English.

Note: Current CBS students who have completed at least one-half of their master’s degree may apply by filling out the “Add

a Program” section on the “Graduate-Level Record Change” form prior to graduation in order to be considered for admission.

Time Limit

Students must complete all requirements within four years, beginning from the date of their first enrollment in a course

following acceptance into the certificate.

Completion Requirements

Completion of the 15 hours specified in the course of study (see below) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and

no grade lower than a “C.”

Significant achievement of program objectives.

Affirmation of the Doctrinal Statement.

Completion of one semester of chapel participation (CHL 5001).

Note for students pursuing a degree and certificate concurrently: Courses within this certificate may not be applied to meet

degree requirements, nor may courses used to meet degree requirements be applied to meet certificate requirements. The

total required hours for both the degree and the certificate must be met independently.

Course of Study


CHL 5001

Chapel I


CNC 9474

Clinical Applications in Missionary Care


CNC 9541

Missionary Care for Career Transitions


CNC 9571

Single and Family Issues in Missions


CNC 9740

Organizational Missionary Care Services


GLS 9531

Missiological Reflections


Note: This Certificate Program is not eligible for federal Title IV financial aid funds – i.e. Federal Direct Loans. Students who

are interested in exploring other financial aid options should contact the Financial Aid Office.