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CIU’s European School of Culture and Theology (ESCT) offers a variety of educational programs. Graduate-level students

enrolled at the ESCT or may earn the Biblical Ministry Certificate, Master of Arts degree, Master of Divinity degree, Doctor

of Ministry degree, or a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

CIU students serving in Europe have the opportunity to take modular courses at ESCT-Korntal which applies to programs

as resident credit. This is an opportunity to study alongside others from their host country and share learning processes

related to ministry. It is also an opportunity to continue working on a degree while in their country of service without taking

prolonged periods of absence.

For more information, e-mail

or visit .

G. Allen Fleece Library

The mission of the G. Allen Fleece Library is to provide relevant resources and services in a wide variety of formats to equip,

enrich, and inspire the scholarship and ministry of life-long learners. The library contains a collection of over 350,000 items

including books, ebooks, journals, DVDs, CDs, maps, and more. Additionally, access to over 130 electronic databases,

many of which are full text, is available to all current students through the library. The library also provides inter-library loan

services and participates in PASCAL Delivers, a consortium of 58 South Carolina academic libraries.

The library is a member of several national and specialized library associations, such as the Partnership among South

Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL), the Christian Library Consortium (CLC), and has membership in the American

Theological Library Association (ATLA) and the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL). Visit

for more


The Curriculum and Ministry Resource Department (CMRD) is a branch of the library that contains teaching material and

equipment designed to assist student teachers and those involved in Christian education and outreach ministries. The

CMRD maintains a cataloged collection of over 10,000 teaching resources including DVDs, PowerPoint lessons, maps,

models, pictures, posters, puppets, and an array of other educational items. (International artifacts, costumes, flags, and

various multimedia equipment may be borrowed for teaching purposes.) An assortment of creative production equipment

including Cricut and laminating machines is available for designing personal resources. The CMRD includes a collection of

over 3,000 books to aid the public school educator in lesson development for grades K-6th and the Bible teacher in lesson

development for grades 3rd-12th.

Honors Program (Undergraduate)

The Honors Program exists to offer additional opportunity for highly motivated students to enhance their educational

experience at Columbia International University. The Honors Program is open to students of every major and most students

will be able to complete the program within their recommended program of study. As part of their degree program, students

in the Honors Program complete a series of courses with the “Honors” designation. Within these courses, students will have

the opportunity to engage critically with readings from works identified as the “great books” in human history and to further

develop skills in communication (written and oral), research, and critical thinking (analysis and synthesis of material). This

series of courses covers areas of literature, theology, philosophy, psychology, and biblical studies. As a capstone to the

program, students will also complete an Honors component of a senior-level course in their respective major. Interested

students should contact Admissions for entrance requirements and information about application.

Intensive Courses

Core and elective courses are offered every year in intensive one and two-week format. The abbreviated format of these

in-class sessions enables students to accelerate their programs or to fit continuing education into life and ministry

commitments. During these shorter in-class sessions, Columbia International University is able to bring outstanding leaders

in various fields to campus. Intensive courses include pre-attendance and/or post-participation reading, reflection, research,

and evaluation.

Online Studies

Columbia International University offers online courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. These courses are

designed to serve students at a distance, although resident students may also register for them to alleviate schedule

conflicts or to accelerate progress toward graduation.

Discussion forums and chats provide the interactive experience of an online community. Once students register for a course

they have access to the CIU library for research and can begin submitting assignments electronically. The professors who

facilitate online courses provide prompt feedback beginning with the published start date and continuing throughout the

duration of the course.